Hello, Terry here! How is everyone been coping with ‘reconnecting’ this time around.
Good things are coming with this sensational weather and the start of another season.
Spring rolling into Summer, if this weather has anything to do with it.

I am back in the my Studio this week, after spending some of my time off de-cluttering more of my home.
I’m looking forward to completely being able to remove and rehouse the unwanted items.



With Spring comes new growth, new beginnings, recharged batteries hopefully, and a look at redecorating a room or two or the whole house.

I love patterned and textured walls, texture with paint or patterned walls.

There are beautiful wallpapers to suit all situations, but some of my favourite out at the moment are for our young people.    Lovely fresh colours and designs for a variety of age groups.  I have also been known to use a wallpaper that was in one of the ‘kids’ wallpaper books, teamed with a luscious paint colour for adults. Not all kids wallpaper is for kids.



Wallpaper has come a long way since the days of lining paper over scrim, then lapped wallpaper to the modern, butted wallpaper over GIB board and now paste the wall, wallcoverings.  They are so easy to apply for budding DIYers if you are into doing it yourself.  The upside is no shrinkage and less mess!




Paste the wall coverings are strong and less likely to tear like the more traditional wallpapers.  And with any product used, preparation is all important.  I will cover that in another post but for now ‘tip of the day’.




This was something my father told me as a kid when I was helping him wallpaper…’always fold the glued offcuts of wallpaper together’. (if you are using traditional paper).  I think he got a bit fed up with me standing in the glued offcuts and walking through the house. 






                                                                                                                                                                                        Thanks Dad, I still do that little tip today!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


Life’s a Circus at times.

If you would like to know a bit more about these wallcoverings or would like to order some, you can contact me on 027 602 3298 or below


Beautiful colours as the leaves turn

Isn’t it funny how daylight savings finishes and we seemed to be plunged into autumn with winter cool on her tail?  Those long hot summer nights, lazy summer days quickly become a thing of the past and almost overnight the leaves turn from green to luscious tones of gold and orange with hints of red and then they fall onto rich green grasses to turn a crisp, crunchy brown.  Many memories of piling leaves high and throwing oneself into them.

It is time to draw the curtains and close up the house earlier to reserve the heat, light the fire and enjoy the change in temperature.  We tend to layer more in the autumn/ winter months, layer our clothing, add layers to our beds, throws to snuggle up in on the couch and eat more hearty food, comfort food to keep the cold at bay.

Lighting pays a key role in how we feel as well.  Our lighting was once simple with incandescent light throwing a warm yellow inviting glow.  Now with the choice of warm and cool whites our interior colours change and become a little more harsh, a bit brighter and cooler.  The warm white light isn’t quite as warm as the old incandescent bulb.  This can be counteracted by choosing warmer tones for lampshades if you enjoy lamps instead of full on light in the evening.

100% Woolen Throws

Do you add warmer colours and textures to your homes to give the feeling of warmth and comfort?  Crisp cotton and linen for summer bedding in cooler tones can be exchanged for warmer more textural colours with a mohair throw for extra warmth.  Brushed cotton sheets with heavier layers on top make for more comfortable warmer nights sleep and add a hottie.  Bliss!

100% Alpaca (1320 x 1830mm)

One of the other winter treats for me is delicious smells coming from the kitchen.  Comfort food shared with family and good friends, encourages lots of conversation and laughter.  My favourite is spicy, curry pumpkin and kumara soup with buttered toast or an old fashioned roast like Mum used to cook. 

And here we have a beautiful sunny day which will hopefully carry on into the Easter Weekend. 

Happy Easter everyone!   Enjoy time with family and friends.

Throws can be purchased by contacting Terry  http://terrylobb.nz/contact/