Are you looking for a revamp or total make over on your home, workplace or yourself?  Do you have difficulty making decisions on which wallpaper or paint colour you would like to live with?

Do you need to replace your curtains or look at better options for insulating your windows?  If this sounds like you perhaps I can help!



Terry works closely with her clients on every aspect of the design process ensuring that their home or workplace reflects them and their lifestyle.


Terry offers a full interior design service working closely with her clients from Interior Design, Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry Design and Colour Consultancy.  This service may include concept, design, drawings, colour boards if required, sourcing and supply of product, consultation with trades, hiring and overseeing the project, installation of product and styling.


Exterior colour schemes and specifications – this service may also include discussion on the amount of texture on the exterior (especially for new builds) and discussion on garden design and approach to the entrance.


For those who need a slower approach to the design process or may be ‘stuck’ on one or two colour options, flooring or fabric choices or for client’s requiring a complete room makeover.


Design and Build or revamp

For those who require assistance with these areas. This could include revamping tired spaces, choosing of colours and textures to full renovation and design drawings.


For those who require one or two products sourced for their home or workplace. This can be anything from fabric to recover a piece of furniture, art work, window treatments,  new furniture or accessories to add that finishing touch to a room.


For clients wanting guidance and reassurance, you may have your own ideas and not know how to proceed.  An hour appointment might be all it takes to help you through that process.  This is also ideal for clients with a limited budget where we can set a definite time frame to work within.


Terry works with  men and woman of all ages!

Are you looking at entering the workforce and want to look your best and make an impression?  Perhaps the transition from student to employed.  Or have you been an at home parent and re-entering the workforce after many years of being out of it?

Do you need some assistance with stepping out of your black wardrobe and into colour?  A Colour Consultation might be all you require in building your confidence.

Are you colour deficient and just need a little bit of help in putting your options together or shopping for the right colours?

Or perhaps you would like to treat that special person in your life to a little pampering with a Colour Consultation Voucher.


This is the starting point of the process. For those who need one on one to choose the right colours for their skin tone, eyes and hair. This process requires the client to wear no makeup so the natural skin tone is revealed while over 150 colours are draped. This also includes basic makeup if required for woman. At the end of your consultation you will end up with a colour fan deck.


Working with you on your W’s in your wardrobe!
What Works! What doesn’t fit! What is the wrong shape! What is the wrong colour! What needs accessorizing to Work. Not necessarily in that order! This session is not about removing every piece of clothing and starting afresh.  If you wish I can remove the discarded clothing so you are not tempted to slip back into old habits.

This should be a fun session!


Shopping for your personality, colour palette and body shape. Encouraging you to be adventurous and explore what suits you and what doesn’t. This could be helping you choose your basic wardrobe or choosing something for that special occasion. The aim is for you to feel comfortable about shopping for yourself and choosing wisely.

Gift Vouchers Available
For men and woman

If you think we can be of assistance in any of these areas send us an email or give us a call, we are always here to help.