Terry Lobb – Creative Director                                                   

Interior Design, Kitchen Design, Bathroom Design, Image Consultant/Personal Stylist

Terry  trained in Interior Design through English based Rhodec International Interior Design School before setting up her design business in 2000. On completion she commenced further training with NKBA in Kitchen Design.  Terry has also trained extensively in Colour Psychology, history and advertising.   She was invited to teach Interior Design at Queen Elizabeth College, Adult Learning Centre in Palmerston North and taught there for over 6 years.

Terry was also involved in the popular TV series  Mitre 10 Dream Homes and  judged for TV 3 Target program and Regional Judge for Master Builders.   She has been a columnist for over 10 years sharing tips and stories on her experiences and exploring many aspects of design from ‘Do’s and Don’t s in design to toxic products still found in homes.   You can read some of her work in the Blog section .

Terry believes  ‘colour is a vital part of our everyday lives, affecting moods and the way we feel about ourselves’.

Terry’s passion lies with colour, texture and style, helping clients to create harmonious spaces to enhance their lifestyles or workplaces. She believes our homes should be an extension of ourselves and this can be achieved by using the right colours, textures, fabrics or furniture within the space. Homes should be for relaxing, socializing with family and friends and recharging our batteries so we can get the best out of life.

Terry has a passion for villas and bungalows,  Arts and Crafts Movement, Mid Century Design and Modernist Architecture, along with contemporary designs of today.




Terry extended her portfolio three years ago by re-training as an Image Consultant / Personal Styling  and Colour Consultant under the umbrella of ‘Colour me Beautiful’.

This is an extension of the colour work she had already trained in and gave Terry the building blocks for working personally with clients on their own personal colours and style.  She encourages clients to understand what colours and clothes suit their body shape and personality and to feel more confident in shopping for themselves.

Terry has spent nearly her whole life working with fabrics, learning to sew at the age of 4 years old.  She completed a pattern draughting course 20 years ago, which gave Terry the skills to make patterns and garments from body measurements and create ‘basic blocks’.  Various designs could then be made from these blocks.  It also gave Terry the basic grounding for understanding different body shapes and choosing clothes to enhance and suit different shapes.

Terry  travels extensively with her work, having completed projects on Waiheke Island and as far south as Balclutha.

Community Charity

Terry has also been involved in many community projects, one being a charity house for Hospice where she donated her time for the interior and exterior decor and donated all the curtains for the project.  The house was later auctioned.

A more recent charity is Jigsaw Wanganui, Piece of Christmas fundraiser where she decorated 2 dining rooms for Christmas.

Many client’s when remodeling their homes, especially windows want the old curtains removed.  If they are in good condition they are cleaned and Terry donates them to the Woman’s Refuge