My home is not a show home it is a family home full of memories from passed family members, friends and a grown family.  It is full of ‘project stuff’ that I do for interest for myself or others.   Projects that often involve fabric but not always, projects taking me months or sometimes years to complete.

I am a hoarder of fabric and books!  Sometimes an impulse buyer if I see a piece of fabric that takes my fancy and it will often get stashed for years before I make it into something.  The beauty of that is that no one else will have what you wear.  The fabric is often brightly coloured or an unusual weave or texture, often a natural fibre but not always.  I recently wore a top out that I made 15 years ago, it is a one off as it is one of my own designs and the fabric is very unusual and because it is different I often get complimented when I wear it.    I like that I still have clothes in my wardrobe that are not trendy, that were never trendy but are me because I don’t buy off the shelf clothes that often.

I buy books, new and preloved!  I love design books, craft books, motivational books, and so many different books.  I don’t always read them, some are there for reference and left with markers, others are just to look at the pictures, some I just simply loved the feel or smell of them.  One of my favourites (one of many) is a little book of Victorian Posies I bought probably 20 years ago that has a purple/blue fabric cover, beautiful watercolour  images of posies throughout with instructions on what flowers are in each posy and the treat when you open this delightful book is it smells of lavender.   And long after the scent has gone it still lingers in my memory and the images as if it is as fresh as the day I bought it.

I am not a believer of buying fashionable ‘stuff’.  Anyone can all do that.   Where is the individuality in purchasing something where there are racks, shelves or shop floors of the same ‘stuff’?

I am a believer in buying quality, well made products where possible, but this is often driven by budget as to whether it is affordable or not.  I’m not opposed to buying preloved furniture and accessories if it fits.  There are various internet sites offering good quality preloved goods that are often affordable and can look great with a little TLC if purchased wisely.  It is no different from purchasing new piece furniture.  You should always be aware of what you are purchasing, how it is made and where it comes from, if possible.  The better the quality the longer it will last and the less chance of it going to the landfill within 5 years.  If you choose something that you love, you will be more inclined to keep it.

My personal style is very eclectic with pieces of furniture that belonged to my grandparents, new pieces sitting along pieces purchased off Buy Sell and Exchange (before Trademe days).  I love local art!  My artwork is a mixture of paintings by my kids to New Zealand scenery of favourite places to well-known local artists.  Everything tells a story of where it came from or where I was and who was with me, when it was purchased.

We are very much a throwaway society and to make the change we need to buy wisely and think about why we are purchasing.  Make a conscious decision!  Create a home that tells a story, your story rather than just pieces of furniture or accessories that will fill a space and ‘look trendy’.

Make a difference!

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Last weekend we spent time in Wellington catching up with friends and family and generally mooching around the shops. I think we are so use to the great summer weather that when we do have the odd wet and cooler day we are not prepared for it. I certainly wasn’t dressed for rain so indoors we ventured and it was nice just to brows in the shops and take time out.

I have two favourite restaurants in Wellington, one I go to occasionally and the other more often. I like both of them because of the ambiance, décor, great service and excellent food. The restaurant and bar we tend to frequent most is The Southern Cross Garden Bar and Restaurant, both for dining and dancing. I love this venue!

The building is over 100 years old and was renovated to its current shape and form by Wellington’s award winning Architect John Mills. John is renowned for his very personal designs and unique work. The Cross as it is more favourably referred to is a hive of activity and caters to a wide audience from private functions, dance parties, fresco dining, more intimate dining, family gatherings, bar facilities with good old fashioned service. You can find a quiet space and work or relax, play board games or read a newspaper or simply enjoy the different nights of entertainment on offer.

John Mills has created a Retro space with some areas being strictly retro and others with a twist. Perhaps that is why I like it, because it relates to my 1970’s Retro teen years. On dining there Sunday night with family I decided I liked it because of its relaxed friendly atmosphere and the fact that the whole complex is divided into different zones depending on what your mood is for the day or evening.
There is a lounge bar where you can dine, towards the back of the building which is like stepping back in time to someone’s home. The floor is carpeted in a 1950’s floral carpet, the chairs are comfortable lounge chairs that many of us grew up with and the lighting is subdued and warm. The walls are hung with those very family paintings and ornaments that many of us grew up with or remember from our grandparent’s home. You can sit and have a quiet conversation over dinner without having to shout at each other or hear the next door diner’s conversation. A very welcoming space!
I have often sat outside with friends from Wellington Batucada and had a quiet drink after their band practice then danced to the salsa beats on the dancefloor inside. The outdoor area is divided into ‘rooms’ so you can dine undercover in the rain or in the open air or sit with friends either side long tables not unlike my grandmothers kitchen table. It is a little bit like walking into a private courtyard, decorated for comfort, with strung paper lanterns, an outdoor fire for the chillier evenings and an outdoor kitchen and bar. The courtyard is tiered so you feel that your area of dining or socializing is more private.
We tend to dine mainly in the relaxed dining area at the front of the venue. This area definitely has a retro feel with Formica tables and chairs all mismatched. Vases of flowers on the tables, quirky lights and shades hang from the partially clad stained ply ceiling. The walls are either wallpapered in retro modern patterns or patterned paint finishes and there is added bonus of the old beaded curtain dividing part of the room from the entrance. It is a very comfortable and relaxed space to dine in. The complete complex is very alive with colour, various texture finishes and patterns, but it works well. Perhaps it works because it feels a little like the home we once knew when life was at a slower pace and we took more time to share and socialize in real time, face to face.


I am available for speaking engagements for small groups or larger organisations and can be contacted below.

Terry Lobb Colour and Design Ltd – Interior Designer/Personal Stylist/Colour Consultant

If you would like to make an appointment for a consultation or have a query about product discussed you can contact me on

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