This is the original eHaus Show Home built in Wanganui.  My brief was light, warm inviting colours using products that had a tendency to be healthier for the home owner.

The home needed to be light so there was no excess use of artificial lighting during the day.  We also chose light tones for the hard flooring and carpet.  As the house is an eHaus the German technology is such that the temperature stays the same all year around in every room in the house.  The warm tones also set the tone for an inviting, family home.

The living area is open plan with a separate lounge that can be closed off by a large sliding glass door.  The kitchen is floating allowing light over the top and into the passage behind.  This passage leads to the bedrooms, bathroom and laundry.  All bedroom doors have a clear window above them to allow maximum light exchange from the bedrooms to the passage and visa versa.

Lovely client’s to work with!

eHaus Showroom Wanganui – Bedroom
eHaus Showroom Wanganui – Kitchen
eHaus Showroom Wanganui – Lounge
eHaus Showroom Wanganui – Lounge
eHaus Showroom Wanganui – Dining Room / Lounge
eHaus Showroom Wanganui – Bathroom
eHaus Showroom Wanganui